Watch the “Honest Trailer” for Mission: Impossible – Fallout

The folks over at Screen Junkies have created another episode of their hugely popular Honest Trailers series, this time turning their hand to Mission: Impossible – Fallout. The four-minute comedy review simultaneously admires lead actor Tom Cruise for pulling off his own ridiculous stunts while also predicting that one of these days it’s all going to end in tragedy.

“If you like the same potent mix of intrigue and cardio as the last five of these things, and don’t mind that they still lean on the mask trick pretty hard, or use the same halo jump sequence as two other Bad Robot productions, or have a weirdly similar ending to Return of the King, enjoy one of the best action movies of the year… because the next one might be his last,” says the deep-voiced narrator.

Watch above!

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