IKEA has made a flat-pack chocolate Easter Bunny

IKEA’s flat-pack chocolate bunny even comes with assembly instructions

IKEA is having some fun this Easter by introducing Vårkänsla (yep, another catchy name…) – a milk chocolate Easter Bunny that comes in a flat-pack.

The tongue-in-cheek confectionery comes with IKEA’s famous assembly instructions, although you won’t be ripping your hair out with this one as there are no screws, no Allen keys, and only three parts – the body, ears, and a set of legs.

While Vårkänsla might not be the easiest name to pronounce, it does mean “spring fever” in Swedish and refers to the “increase in energy, vitality and, in particular, sexual appetite” among Swedes following from the depressing, dark months in the country.

Vårkänsla is available now in select countries for €3.25.

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